Learn to build onchain

Base Bootcamp is an async, cohort-based training program designed to turn senior-level developers into Smart Contract developers.

How it works



Are you a crypto-proficient software engineer interested in learning to build smart contracts? Start out by applying to Base Bootcamp.



Upon acceptance, you’ll be invited to the Base Bootcamp Onboarding Course where you will receive all relevant onboarding materials (student handbook, mentor-pairing info, invite to the private Base Bootcamp Discord channel, and invite to the launch day).



Gather virtually for our initial kick-off. We’ll pair you with your mentor (an experienced Smart Contract Developer) and you’ll start the program.



Work through Base Camp, meeting regularly with your mentor. You’ll build your final project during the final two weeks - a real-world, onchain app that you’ll demo virtually on Demo Day.

Upon graduation, you’ll earn an exclusive soulbound Base Bootcamp Grad NFT.

Dates and deadlines

Cohort 3: Nov 13, 2023

Application deadline: Oct 27, 2023

Cohort 4: Jan 9, 2024

Application deadline: Dec 15, 2023

What's included?

Base Camp Curriculum

Participants will work through the Base Camp content, which is publicly available. However, as part of the Base Bootcamp program, they will also have access to supplemental resources and graded projects, reviewed by Coinbase engineers.


Each student is paired with a mentor whom you will meet with once a week.

Office Hours

Base Bootcamp staff will host regular open office hours via Google Meet to answer questions.


All students will have access to a private channel in the Base Discord where they can interact with Coinbase staff, mentors and other Base Bootcamp students.


Base Bootcamp is free. However, we require you to deposit 1 ETH, which we will return to you upon your successful, on-time graduation. We’re doing this so that you have skin in the game. The program is going to be difficult and we need you to have as many reasons as necessary to push through.

Frequently Asked Questions