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Base ecosystem

An overview of dapps and integrations in the Base ecosystem.

ecosystem dapp logos
Logo of 0x
Your one stop shop to build financial products on crypto rails. Enable faster trading, better prices and superior UX in your app.
Logo of 0xSplits
Splits is a set of simple, modular smart contracts for safe and efficient onchain payments. You can split revenue from NFT sales, recoup expenses, diversify an income stream, withhold taxes, and much more.
Logo of 1rpc
1RPC is a private RPC relay that eradicates metadata exposure and leakage, allowing users to gain control of their interactions with the blockchain with a one-click user experience.
Logo of Aave
Aave Protocol is a non-custodial liquidity protocol. Users can participate as suppliers, borrowers, or liquidators, earning interest on supplied assets and borrowing in an overcollateralized manner.
Logo of Across Protocol
Across Protocol is a leading cross-chain token bridge that is secured by UMA's optimistic oracle. It is optimized for capital efficiency with a single liquidity pool, a competitive relayer landscape, and a no-slippage fee model. You can expect secure, fast and affordable cross-chain token transfers with Across.
Logo of Aerodrome Finance
The central trading and liquidity marketplace on Base.
Logo of Alchemy
Alchemy is the leading web3 developer platform. Alchemy’s Account Abstraction APIs and SDK make it easy to offer seamless transactions and simple, secure accounts. Build anything on Base with Alchemy!
Logo of Alien Base
Alien Base is the fastest growing DEX on Base, with its own dedicated safe(r) meme-token trading section Area 51.
Logo of Amberdata
Amberdata delivers comprehensive digital asset data and insights into blockchain networks, crypto markets, and decentralized finance, empowering financial institutions with critical data for research, trading, risk, analytics, reporting, and compliance.
Logo of Ambire Wallet
Ambire Wallet is an open-source self-custodial smart wallet that utilizes account abstraction, acting as a gateway to Web3 applications and providing users with secure and effortless management of their digital assets.
Logo of Angle Protocol
Angle is a decentralized and community governed protocol. Everyone is welcome to take part in the governance of the protocol to collectively start shaping its future.
Logo of Animoca Brands
Animoca Brands and its various subsidiaries develop and publish a broad portfolio of blockchain games, traditional games, and other products
Logo of Ankr
Build on Web3 with a fast, reliable and distributed network of blockchain nodes
Logo of Anotherblock
anotherblock is empowering the emotional and financial connection between creators and consumers. Collectors own future streaming royalties of high-end tracks and earn royalties when they stream.
Logo of API3 DAO
API3 is a collaborative project to deliver API services to smart contract platforms in a decentralized and trust-minimized way. It is governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), namely the API3 DAO.
Logo of AppliedPrimate
AppliedPrimate Megaforce Sentinel Collectible Card Game is an onchain PVP game featuring AppliedPrimate Sentinel NFTs that was designed under advisement from Richard Garfield, creator of MAGIC: THE GATHERING.